Create a Basic Progress View Using Notion Formulas 2.0 map(), ifs(), filter(), empty(), round() and sum()

In this segment, the speaker introduces the concept of creating a progress view using Notion Formulas 2.0. The progress view is based on specific criteria and formulaic outputs derived from two basic databases – tasks and projects. Tasks are related to projects and have properties such as status, forecast number, and score number. The speaker highlights the limitations of using rollups for manipulating formulas and advocates for the use of Notion Formulas 2.0 for creating a customized and automated progress view. They emphasize the flexibility and ease of manipulation offered by formulas compared to rollups.

Continuing on, the speaker delves into the practical application of creating a progress view using Notion Formulas 2.0. They provide detailed examples of using formulas to calculate and display specific properties such as sum, median, and count based on different criteria like scores, statuses, and checkboxes within the tasks. The speaker emphasizes the enhanced customization and specificity offered by formulas compared to traditional rollups. They demonstrate how to use formulas to show the percent complete, the sum of forecasts and scores, and the ratio of total score to forecast. Additionally, the speaker explores the use of filtering and conditional statements within the formulas to create a more nuanced and tailored progress view. They provide step-by-step explanations and practical demonstrations of these advanced formula functions to create a comprehensive and informative progress view.

Furthermore, the speaker addresses the intricacies of manipulating and formatting numerical outputs within the progress view. They introduce the concept of rounding numerical values to enhance readability and eliminate excessive decimal places. The speaker explains the process of using the round function to format decimal numbers and demonstrates how to control the number of decimal places in the rounded output. They emphasize the importance of clarity and visual appeal in presenting numerical data within the progress view. The speaker highlights the practical application of rounding numerical outputs to create a more polished and user-friendly progress view. They provide clear examples and detailed explanations of using the round function to refine and enhance the numerical representation within the progress view.

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