Adding Up Database Entries By Month with Notion Formulas 2.0 map(), Sum() and filter()

The video tutorial provides comprehensive guidance on leveraging the ‘map’ and ‘filter’ functions within Notion databases to manipulate and analyze data specific to date properties. The speaker demonstrates how to filter database entries based on the current month by extracting and comparing the month of the date property using the ‘now’ formula. This approach offers valuable flexibility in managing dates based on specific criteria, such as the latter half of the month. The tutorial emphasizes the effectiveness of these functions in precisely selecting and processing database entries, showcasing their power in calculating the sum of specific properties using ‘notation.sum’. Through practical examples, the video highlights the ease and effectiveness of this approach in managing and analyzing data specific to date properties within Notion databases. Moreover, it offers insights into the broader applicability of Notion formulas and automations, demonstrating the potential for effectively manipulating and processing data within Notion databases based on date-specific criteria.

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